A Global footprint with local knowledge

PIHR are experts in local equal- and gender pay regulations, we help our clients fulfil their equal and fair pay promise globally. Through our software solution and top of the line advisory services we support our global clients on four continents.


Our process

1. Reach out to PIHR

to discuss your needs within equal- and gender pay. We are thought leaders within equality and our professional staff can give you advice on the best way forward for your organisation

2. Choose license

We are happy to help you decide on the best license that fits your needs, whether it be for compliance and/or employer branding purposes etc.

3. Upload your data

Once you’re signed up, upload your existing data to our software and complete your equal- and gender pay work in seconds!

Get started - book a demo

We tailor our offer to suit your business. Book a demo – see an overview of the market’s only global equal- and gender pay software solution.

Different licenses and features based on your company's needs


For smaller businesses

Complete Equal Pay Audits by the click of a button

Analyses equal and equivalent positions

Complies with GDPR


For larger businesses

Work strategically with Equal Pay

Analyses equal and equivalent positions

Link Equal Pay work with other HR processes

Complies with GDPR


For larger businesses

Work strategically with equal pay

Analyses of equal and equivalent positions

Analyse by using selections

Link your equal pay work with other HR processes


For larger businesses

Completes Gender Pay Gap reporting in seconds

Complies with the legal requirement

Infographics solution

Visualize payroll and bonus gaps

Measure and analyse change in KPIs over time

Complies with GDPR