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We are the only software provider in Europe that can help our customersglobally fulfill their commitments in equal pay for equal work.


Legal requirements

The market’s leading software solution lets you generate your gender pay gap and equal pay audit report in seconds. Covering local equal- and gender pay regulations across Europe and the globe.

Use existing organisational structure

Easy to use with your existing job evaluation scheme or organisational structure.

Save time

Our software streamlines your equal- and gender pay activities, making you more independent, flexible and up to 97% faster.

Easy to do the right thing

PIHR PAY EQUALITY is based on AI and machine learning with an intuitive interface that converts your existing
data to complete gender pay gap and equal pay audit reports in a
matter of seconds.

  • Complies with local equal- and gender pay regulations across Europe and the globe
  • Complete gender pay gap reports including infographics and suggested narratives based on pay gap outcome
  • Ability to conduct complete equal pay audits that comply with local country regulations
  • Software does the heavy lifting, lets users focus on driving the change in equal pay
  • Data driven decision-making capabilities in your equal pay work

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