The most efficient equal pay solution

Our powerful equal pay and gender pay gap software automates your equal pay audit,
identifies pay gaps and ensures fair compensation in your workplace.


Instant compliance

Fulfill legal equal pay requirements in a matter of seconds.

Use existing organisational structure

Keep your current job evaluation scheme or use our templates.

Save time

Save up to 95% of the time it takes to manually do an equal pay audit.

Our equal pay and gender pay gap software

PIHR PAY EQUALITY is the leading equal pay and gender pay gap software used in over 90+ countries by organisations of all sizes. Our easy-to-use software automates your equal pay audits, identifies pay gaps, and generates written reports that fulfill the legal requirements in your local markets. The software provides you with written recommendations on how to adjust individuals’ pay to ensure fair compensation in the workplace.





Individuals surveyed by PIHR PAY EQUALITY each year


Saves time

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    “Equality and diversity are incredibly important for us at Nordic Choice Hotels. Together with PIHR, we ensure that all parts of the organisation apply equal and fair pay.”

    Ann Ekengren, VP People & Culture, Nordic Choice Hotels

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