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  • Ensure pay equity
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Equal Pay

Analysis and proactive work with your pay gap and ensuring pay equity globally.


Equal Structure

We ensure your conditions for gender equality in the organization and its structure.


Equal Strategy

Structured and goal-oriented work to optimize your gender equality work and support for integration in the organization.

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Equal Pay

Achieve equal pay and ensure that you are compliant with the legal requirements regarding equal pay auditing and action planning.

We help you with:

  • Equal pay auditing to meet the legal requirement, incl. reports for equal and
    equivalent positions.
  • Analysis support regarding salary differences and advice on measures.
  • Market analysis and benchmark regarding salary setting.
  • Processes, tools and advice on the work with Action planning.
  • Trade Union cooperation, communication materials and anchoring.
  • Strategic salary analysis from a pay equity point of view and suggestions on improvement.

Equal Structure

A clear and business-adapted organizational structure provides the
conditions for a profitable and equal organisation.

We help you with:

  • Job evaluations
  • Job descriptions
  • Job and role structure
  • Analysis of HR processes to ensure fair terms and conditions
  • Strategic succession and competence planning
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Equal Strategy

To ensure a fair and equal pay structure, we offer advice on pay structures, where we, by linking the organizational structure with pay policies and organizational goals ensure that your organization have the right conditions to succeed in with your equal structure.

We help you with:

  • Develop salary policy and guidelines
  • Salary criteria
  • Salary structure
  • Determine starting salaries and salary dispersion for all positions
  • Performance criteria


Why Pihr?


Become compliant

Meet the legal requirements regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Boost your brand

Become an attractive employer through a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Increase profits

Equal and inclusive teams increase performance and profitability.

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