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Our powerful and easy-to-use pay equity software helps you manage pay equity analysis, equal pay audits, and gender pay gap reporting. Become compliant in minutes.

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Pay Equity Software - Pihr
  • Become compliant
  • Use existing organizational structure
  • Save time

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Become compliant

In a matter of minutes, you can meet legal requirements for pay equity.


Use existing organizational structure

Keep your current job evaluation scheme or use our system.


Save time

Save up to 90% of the time it takes to manually perform an equal pay audit.

Identify and resolve pay inequities

Ensure fair compensation for your employees and become compliant in minutes. Our pay equity software gives you:

  • Automated analysis that identifies unjust salary disparities based on gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Written action plan with recommended salary adjustments at individual level.
  • Cost calculation for salary adjustments.
  • Written reports that comply with pay equity legislation in your local markets.

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Pay equity software - Pihr
Pay equity software

Flexible job evaluation

Continue using your current job evaluation scheme or let our software help you identify similar and equivalent positions.

Our points-based job evaluation system assesses the relative difficulty of the position according to:

  • Education and experience
  • Problem-solving
  • Social skills
  • Staff responsibility and financial responsibility
  • Impact
  • Physical and psychosocial work environment

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How it works

Step 1

Job evaluation of positions

Use your current job evaluation scheme or let our software help you to identify similar and equivalent positions.

Step 2

Import data

Easily upload data from your payroll system to our pay equity software.

Step 3

Identify pay inequities

Instantly identify unjust salary disparities based on gender, race, and ethnicity - and get recommendations on how to close the gaps.

Step 4

Get a compliance report

In a matter of minutes, you get a written report that meets the legal requirements for pay equity.

Global reach & local expertise

Does your organisation have employees in several countries? We can help you meet the legal requirements for pay equity globally. With customers using our software in more than 90 countries, we have both global reach and local expertise regarding legal requirements.


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Pay equity globally


Cloud based (SaaS)

No installation requirements, get started in minutes.

Global solution

Used in 90+ countries and available in 5 languages.

Data protection

Highest standards in cloud security. Complies with GDPR.

Advisory services

Get support from our Pay Equity Experts.

Unlimited number of users

Always unlimited number of users per account.

Free support

Free support Monday-Friday by phone and email.

Why use a pay equity software?


Achieving pay equity will not only ensure that you are compliant, it will also motivate your employees, drive up productivity and attract and retain great talent.

Pay equity in the workplace

Why Pihr?




Salaries analyzed annually


Saved time

Our pricing plans

Find the right solution for your needs.





Number of countries




GDPR Compliance

Video Tutorials

Streamlined analysis process

Analysis based on gender

Analysis based on ethnicity


Equal & Equivalent Position Analysis

Hierarchic analysis

Multiple compensation dimensions (e.g. bonus)


Extended analysis based on region, job family, experience, performance and tenure

Automatic analysis on an individual level including selection analysis

Complete written analysis

Predefined Compliance Report including Transparancy report - Coming soon

Automated action planning including cost calculation to close pay gap and trend reporting

Multiple regression analysis including customized predictors

Customised Reporting (content and layout) - Coming soon

Analytics Dashboard & Infographics

Global Reporting including Currencies

Add-on: Job evaluation

Add-on: Market pay comparison

*(X) Applicable markets