Easy to do the right thing

PIHR PAY EQUALITY is based on AI and machine learning with an intuitive interface that converts your existing data to complete gender pay gap and equal pay audit reports in a matter of seconds.

  • Complies with local equal- and gender pay regulations across Europe and the globe
  • Complete gender pay gap reports including infographics and suggested narratives based on pay gap outcome
  • Ability to conduct complete equal pay audits that comply with local country regulations
  • Software does the heavy lifting, lets users focus on driving the change in equal pay
  • Data driven decision-making capabilities in your equal pay work

Cloudbased (SaaS)

Cloud-based solution, no installation requirements, get started in minutes.


Multi-Language global solution, meets legal requirements across Europe and the rest of the world

Data protection

Optimal data operating and security solution. Complies with GDPR.


Local and international expert consultants who work strategically with equal pay audits and gender pay gap issues.

Unlimited numbers of users

Always unlimited number of users per licens.

Free technical support

Free technical support available weekdays via phone and email.

For all companies from 10 employees and more

Regardless of size, all companies benefit from working with gender equality. Depending on your company’s maturity when it comes to equal- and gender pay, PIHR has a solution that will suit your needs.

Our purpose is to make the global workforce more equal; come join us and make your
organisation one of equal pay.

Different licenses and features based on your company's needs


For smaller businesses

Complete Equal Pay Audits by the click of a button

Analyses equal and equivalent positions

Complies with GDPR


For larger businesses

Work strategically with Equal Pay

Analyses equal and equivalent positions

Link Equal Pay work with other HR processes

Complies with GDPR


For larger businesses

Work strategically with equal pay

Analyses of equal and equivalent positions

Analyse by using selections

Link your equal pay work with other HR processes

Complies with GDPR


For larger businesses

Completes Gender Pay Gap reporting in seconds

Complies with the legal requirement

Infographics solution

Visualize payroll and bonus gaps

Measure and analyse change in KPIs over time

Complies with GDPR

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We tailor our offer to suit your business. Book a demo – see an overview of the market’s only global equal- and gender pay software solution.