Record growth for PIHR

Stockholm, January 7th, 2019. PIHR – Europe’s leading provider of Equal- and Gender Pay software –is showing record growth in both revenues, new license sales and global deals. With a growth in excess of 130 % PIHR is well ahead of its budget for the fiscal year 2018/19.

“We are excited to see such strong growth in both of our main markets Sweden and the United Kingdom” says the companies CEO and Founder Magnus Drogell.

Since adding another ground-breaking license to its offer, PIHR have been able to sign global deals with several new customers. These customers have been on the look-out for a software solution to support their global work with equal- and gender pay.

“By not only offering the markets most efficient software, customers also tell us that the reason for winning their business is tied to PIHRs expertise in Equal- and gender pay from a global perspective. Our consultants are really one of a kind when it comes to giving advice around best practices for addressing this important issue on an international level”, continuous Magnus Drogell.

PIHR is looking to expand it’s global footprint and are currently negotiating several deals with international companies based in the Nordics and the United Kingdom.

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