Learn all about the new EU Pay Transparency Directive, aimed to close the gender pay gap.


About the webinar

The European Commission has presented a new Pay Transparency Directive aimed to close the gender pay gap. The new directive will most likely come into effect in 2024 across all member states and may significantly change the current pay structure for all companies with more than 250 employees.

Join this free webinar with Pihr's founder & CEO Magnus Drogell and learn:

✔ The gender pay gap situation in the EU – How far have we come?
✔ What does the new pay transparency directive mean in detail?
✔ What you can do to prepare and how to stay ahead of the legislation.


Magnus Drogell, kvadrat


Magnus Drogell is the founder and CEO of Pihr, a global SaaS company on a mission to help organizations close the gender pay gap and achieve pay equity through market-leading technology and advisory services.

eu pay transparency directive

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