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In a dynamic job market, striking the right balance between competitiveness and internal fairness in pay structures is paramount.
Join us for an insightful webinar as industry experts share practical strategies and real-world insights to help organizations optimize their pay structures. From aligning with market trends to promoting internal parity, we'll explore the complexities of compensation and provide actionable steps for creating a harmonized and equitable workplace.
Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your organization's competitive edge while ensuring fairness and equity for all employees.
You will learn more about:
  • Understanding current market trends
  • Crafting competitive salary ranges
  • Strategies for internal pay equity
  • Building trust through transparent communication
  • Adjusting pay structures to remain competitive
Magnus Drogell, kvadrat


Magnus Drogell is the founder and CEO of Pihr, a global SaaS company on a mission to help organizations close the gender pay gap and achieve pay equity through market-leading technology and advisory services.

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Jaime Alonso Moragónis the founder and CEO of Prosfy, a benchmarking company which mission it is to collect information on the labor market to offer data and metrics to both professionals and companies and thus help them better manage their human capital.

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